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 'E-Mini Predictive Trader' Tool Suites?
Normally, it takes years of trial-and-error trading on your own to develop
 proven Day Trading Strategies to create a second trading income 
while working a full-time job... But now you won't have to!
You already made a smart choice to automatically create a $5K/month side income from just 1-3 trades a day in any E-mini market you want...

For some of you, that will be all you need to reach your trading goals.

But let's face it:

Some of you want -- and in today's economy, need -- more from your trading. 

A Lot more, like:
  • ​Having a second income because you or a spouse has been furloughed or let go
  • ​Making enough extra money trading to recover 401K losses, or pay for kids' college
  • ​Building up your trading capital to safely quit your job and trade full-time
Without going through years of costly trial-and-error trading to develop your own strategies. Or having to invest tens of $1,000s coding signals. 

And most important:  Trusting it to make money in today's manic markets. Without spending more time trading than you do now.

If you value your time and trading capital...

And never again want to get caught --- trading with the wrong signals, strategies, entries, stops, and exits... when you need to make extra money most...

Then in today's uncertain economic times:
Doesn't It Make Sense To Put Our Easy 
Second Income Strategies And Super VWAP To Work For You Right Away?...
The Super Multi-Time Frame VWAP extends the 2-24hr real-time-weighted levels of 
E-Mini Predictive Trader™. So you find more opportunities. And scale into even bigger 
positions. With at-a-glance market profiling across multiple time frames. 
So now, along with E-Mini Predictive Trader™, you can have the potential to easily earn a second trading income. Without interfering with your full-time job. Or spending any more time trading than you do right now.

Where you now...

Cherry-pick the day's best trades in any Futures market and on any time frame you want! With 10 of our personal second trading income strategies.  

To give you the easiest way today to create a second trading income from different markets and conditions, in minimum time.

Each step-by-step Second Income strategy is designed for people who are still working full-time jobs. And will save you 100s of hours a year if you trade them full-time. 

Every step-by-step strategy includes: 
  • ​Newbie-proof execution trading plans specifically for futures day traders
  • ​Real market examples showing how to avoid common blunders
  • ​Idiot-proof ways to see results in your first dozen trades, while working your full-time job if you have one (or save 100s of hours a year if you trade full-time)
  • ​ZERO fluff or theory
  • ​And unlimited VIP email support to answer any quick questions
Here's Everything You Will Get:
The Super Multi-Time Frame VWAP.  Extends the 2-24hr real-time-weighted levels of E-Mini Predictive Trader™. So you find more opportunities. And scale into even bigger positions. With at-a-glance market profiling across multiple time frames. 
The E-Mini 1st Minute Strategy.  This powerhouse setup will either occur in the first 1 min of the market, or not. So look closely. Because if it occurs, the move typically lasts the entire first hour of the session. Often capturing huge swings. 
The Dollar Index Strategy.  This beast happens on average 1x a week in the Dollar Index, one of the most liquid futures markets. Giving you defined entries, at a specific time. For clockwork payouts in today's wild currency volatility.
The Gold Correlation For Gold Strategy.  A sneaky way to trade Gold -- the big guy (GC) or the Micro (MGC). With a fantastic setup that gets triggered by a quirky correlation to the Index Markets.
The 5-Minute Opening Tick Strategy.  If you're using normal opening tick strategies in today's conditions -- good luck. They're all missing the one thing we'll share with you. That keeps you from getting clobbered from today's manic openings. All in just 5 minutes. In any market.
The Momentum Squeeze Strategy.  Our go-to trade or fade strategy in volatile markets. The trade setups give you clear signals of momentum within the immediate trend. So you capture the sweet spot in the fastest known way today. 
The E-Mini Opening Range Strategy.  When any E-Mini opens, a very particular set of market participants aggressively buy and sell. They do their business only right after the open, and then call it a day. Their activity often creates waves around the opening price. Which we spot and surf to fat payouts. Kawabunga! 
The First Tick Interest Rates Strategy.  Today's zero, and possible negative, rates are here to stay. Thankfully, you'll have the absolute best strategy to stay on the right side of the market early. Then invites you to take profits all session long.  
The Initial Balance Strategy.  Every session, after the initial trading dust has settled, veins of gold for the next day's profits can be found to mine the next day. This strategy will forever change how you view the end of each day. And game-plan the next. In just minutes.
The U.S. Interest Rates At Night Strategy.  The cash market for interest rates closes much sooner than the stock market does. We'll show the uniquely powerful way to spot a negative correlation to the markets which will present itself in the night session. If it's there? Then get ready for an 'almost magic' way to scoop up a day's worth of profits early in the night session.
The 3rd Touch Strategy.  Want a strategy with a 70% probability of paying out? And with super tight stops? Then you'll love the unusual way this 3rd touch strategy works so reliably in any market and time frame. 
Step-By-Step Video Tutorials For Each Strategy.  These insightful videos take you from A-Z on how to succeed with EACH strategy. We'll walk you through market replay examples in the S&P 500 (NQ, CL, YM and others). Showing you how to create a quicker, easier second trading income.
This is how you give yourself a quicker easier way to secure a second trading income. In any Futures market and any time frame you want. Without trading anymore than you do right now.

So now -- along with E-Mini Predictive Trader™ -- you give yourself the potential to earn full-time trading profits. Without interfering with your full-time job.

If you want to shave years off trying to figure these out for yourself, then it's the biggest no-brainer ever.
Just watch the step-by-step videos. Follow the Second Income Strategies and Super VWAP trade execution steps with smart risk management. And give yourself instant peace of mind in today's uncertain economic times.

It doesn't matter if... you only want to use 1 or 2 of the second income strategies to trade on your days off. (Or work your way up to using them to trade full-time.)

It doesn't matter if... you're a new futures day trader, or have struggled with live money trading in the past. The Super VWAP indicator and 10 second income strategies can give you the life raft you've been looking for.

It doesn't matter if... you want to build up enough capital to safely quit your job on your terms, and trade full-time. Now, you'll have everything you need to transition, the smart way!

Adding the “Second Income Pack™" will save you time, and make you extra income faster in every way.
Normally We Charge $1,000 For These 
Proven Second Income Strategies... That 
Could Give You An Extra $10,000/mo Profits!
Because you already invested in us, and showed you're serious about succeeding with trading...

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Here's what I'm going to do for you today...

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Try It Now With 100% Risk-Free 
Peace Of Mind
Anyone can now have the potential to earn an extra $10,000 a month in trading profits. Without interfering with your full-time job. 

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